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If you are looking for some unique business ideas, then making earn by designing t-shirts can be said to be unique. Meaning, you can start a t-shirt printing business from home or anywhere and earn a lot of money.

Nowadays, young and old boys and girls, old people almost all like to read printed t-shirts. So the demand of printed t-shirt is increasing day by day in the market.

So based on its demand it can be seen that business of t-shirt printing can be said as a profitable business.

T-shirt Design can Earn Every Month! Profit by Starting a T-shirt Printing Business

Earn by Designing T-Shirts Free - Earn Daily
Earn by Designing T-Shirts Free - Earn Daily

Today's modern generation puts a lot of importance on style and looking attractive. And in this case, everyone likes to look good by wearing stylish and attractive t-shirts.

There is a lot of competition in the business of printing t-shirts these days, so the more new unique and beautiful collections are brought to the market, the more likely it is to sell.

T-shirt design printing business is a smart business idea, so to start this business the entrepreneur needs to be creative minded and work smartly.

So, through today's article, we can know what is T-shirt printing business? And how to start a t-shirt printing business.

So Friends let's Discuss Each Topic Below in Detail

1. What does t-shirt Printing Business Mean?

Various types of designs are printed on any plain t-shirt with the help of printing machine.

For example, a special design t-shirt as a birthday gift, or a t-shirt with a hero heroine's face, a t-shirt with your own name, a company's logo design t-shirt, etc. Printing business is called.

2. Materials and Machines Required for t-shirt Printing?

Some of the raw materials used in t shirt printing business are –

Teflon seat – 300mm*300mm size Teflon seat is available for Tk 400 to Tk 450.

Sublimation Paper – A packet of 100 sheets of A4 size is available for Tk 300 to Tk 350.

Sublimation Tape – A tape is available for TK 70 to 95.

Plane T-shirt – A plane t-shirt is available within 90 to 120 Tk.

Sublimation ink – 1500 to 2500 taka.

Apart from these, some of the machines used for T-shirt printing are.

A laptop or computer will cost 30 to 40 thousand.

A sublimation printer is available for prices ranging from 12,000 to 20,000.

T-shirt heat press machines are available within 13 thousand to 20 thousand Tk.

Graphic software is available within 5 to 7 thousand Tk.

Here the prices are given for idea only. The price of each item varies depending on the quality.

So it depends on you what kind of quality stuff you want to use.

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3. Need Space for t-shirt Printing Business?

This business can be started in very less space. You can start a t-shirt printing business from home as it requires less time.

If there is an empty room in the house, you can take a room and set up your business. Besides, a computer or laptop table will be needed to start the business and a separate space will be needed to keep the printer machine.

The machine will run only with the electricity connection of the house. But if separate permission is required from the electricity department for this, then take it.

If your business goes well, you can expand your business with bigger space in future.

In this case, if you want to invest more money and start this business as a factory, then you will need three rooms of approximately 10*15 square feet.

And first check if the place is near the city area or not and if the access is good or not.

Besides, it is necessary to know in advance whether the electricity connection system is correct or not.

When you hire a factory, if you start the business without knowing about them, the chances of business loss increase.

4. How much Money is Needed to Start a t-shirt Design Business?

If this business is started from home at a small level, then you need to invest your money in the raw materials required for the business such as plain t-shirt, Teflon seat, sublimation printer, sublimation paper, computer or laptop, printing heat press etc.

So to start a business from home you will need 60 thousand to 70 thousand Tk.

But if you want to start a business by investing more money at a big level, then you have to make a lot of investment in the rent of the factory, doubling machine, water supply, electricity connection, vehicle arrangement etc.

So to start a business on a large scale around 4 lakh to 6 lakh rupees may be required.

5. Documents and Licenses Required to Start a Business?

If the business is started from home at a small level then it is not necessary to make a license. But I suggest you get license and start working with proper process.

But if you want to start a business by opening a factory on a large scale and registering your brand name, then you have to start working in full compliance with the government regulations.

In this case, you need some personal and business documents like Aadhaar card as ID proof, Pan card, Voter card and Ration card as address proof, electric bill, bank account etc.

Business documents like MSME Industry Aadhaar Registration, Business Registration, Business Trade License, GST Number etc. you need to extract.

6. T-shirt Printing Process?

The first task for t-shirt printing is to make or set the design that will be done on the t-shirt with the help of graphic software on the computer or laptop.

Then a mirror print of the design is taken on sublimation printing paper.

The printing machine is turned on 15 to 20 minutes before printing on the t-shirt.

After the machine is started, the design printed on the sublimation paper is placed on the t-shirt and attached with sublimation tape.

Then the timing inside the t-shirt printing machine is set between 60 and 70 seconds.

After the timing is complete, the t-shirt is printed and comes out of the machine.

7. Profits in T-Shirt Designing Earning Business

Nowadays, printed t-shirts are sold in the market for between 200 and 250 taka. However, if the quality of Genji fabric is good, it can be sold for more than this.

In this case, if you can sell your own branded t-shirts on online e-commerce websites, then each t-shirt can be sold for 300 to 400 taka.

So if you can do the t-shirt printing business well, there is a lot of profit in this business.

Even if you want to start this business at a small level, you can earn 30 to 40 thousand rupees per month.

For example, if you a plain t-shirt for 90 taka from the market and spend at least 20 taka on printing and sell it at 200 taka in that t-shirt market, then you can make a profit of 90 taka from each t-shirt.

In this case, if you can sell 500 t-shirts in a month, then excluding your expenses, the profit is Tk. 45,000.

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8. T-shirt Business Marketing?

But it is very important to have a proper marketing plan to start an income generating business.

Because nowadays any product is sold in the market depending on the marketing.

Design is very important in this t-shirt printing business.

The more unique and trending your design is, the more it will be in demand in the market.

So to start the business of printed t-shirts you need to focus on the design and market it with your own brand name.

In the beginning you have to try to do business with small garment sellers and shop owners etc.

Private schools also offer T-shirts with the school's name printed on them, so it is possible to promote your business by contacting various private schools.

Once you like the printed t-shirt and its quality, you will continue to receive orders to make t-shirts for the whole school.

Besides, you can sell t-shirts at various ready-made shops in the city.

But if you can open a small t-shirt shop and sell them, then the profit is likely to be high.

Nowadays employees of various companies or hotels, restaurants etc. are allowed to wear t-shirts printed with the name of the company to advertise the name of the company.

Therefore, marketing of T-shirts made by oneself can be done by contacting the owners of such companies, hotels, restaurants.

Apart from these, you can sell t-shirts on e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc.

Nowadays people clothes, accessories etc. in large quantities through online e-commerce websites.

However, when the business is new, you can carry out business marketing online at a fast speed with the help of digital marketing.

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Our Last Words

So friends, through today's article we have learned about how to start a t-shirt printing business and know everything about making money by designing t-shirts.

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