What is graphics design? 7 Effective Tools for Graphic Design


Graphics design is an art or craft. Here an artist uses computer software to create visual ideas to communicate ideas, information and ideas to customers. The word graphics is derived from the German word. In one word, creating a design using images is called graphics design. It is a popular and creative process where you can turn your creativity into a profession. 

What is graphics design? 7 Effective Tools for Graphic Design
What is graphics design? 7 Effective Tools for Graphic Design

If you know your ideas, work skills and some unique designs, simple and secret tips, you can double the values of your profession with little effort. Every company now has many more graphical tasks like photo editing, logo design, product design, website user interface design, which are making them more professional. So graphic designer is known as a special “role model” in every workplace. After all, in today's marketplace, graphic design is the most in-demand profession on freelancing platforms.

 First of all graphics design is divided into 2 parts

1. Still image graphics

2. Motion graphics

There are 3 types of still graphics images

1. Raster Image (Pixel Basis)

2. Vector Image (Pixel Independent)

3. Typography (there are 2 types)

Motion graphics are mainly of 2 types

1. Animation graphics

2. Video graphics

Many people do not think that animation is included in graphics. Because animation is graphics, some stock is needed. But currently, animation or video graphics are also considered to be included in graphics. It is basically 2 types, 2D and 3D. Currently, the demand for 3D animation is increasing day by day. Video graphics There are many things that can be done with it. Basically doing TV commercials is its main job. This includes info graphics and cinematography.

How will it be for You to Learn Graphic Design in 2023?

The question arises in the mind of many, should I learn graphic design in 2023? Everyone is now learning web design, web development, digital marketing, what should I do after learning graphic design? As many business organizations are developing every day, they all need a graphic designer. Due to corona or covid-19, all the organizations have brought their business online, as a result, everyone now needs logo, poster, banner, digital menu card for their business and All this is intrinsic to graphics design. Therefore, it is understood that as long as new business starts, the demand for graphics design will continue to increase.

What is graphics design

What is the Current Demand and Future of Graphics Designers?

From the above column we have been able to guess a little about the current demand of graphic designers and how the future will be. Before going into detail about this, I would like you to notice only one thing that is the number of IT entrepreneurs in our country in the last few years. In the past few years, about a few thousand IT entrepreneurs have been created in our country, many of them were graphic designers. After becoming graphic designers, many young people are setting up their own agencies and providing services. As new businesses are being developed, the need for graphic designers is increasing. The entrepreneurs of this sector expect the demand of graphic designers to increase several times in the future.

Find out How much You can Earn Monthly as a Graphic Designer.

At the very beginning, a skilled graphic designer can easily earn 10-20 thousand rupees per month from a domestic company. Depending on the experience, the income varies, for example, an experienced graphic designer can easily earn 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees per month. Many start their own agency after working for a long time. By doing this he can earn Rs 7-8 lakh per month working with domestic and foreign clients simultaneously.

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Learn Graphic Design and Earn through Freelancing

By learning graphic design, you can easily create another source of income by working in international marketplaces. Many people from usa are now doing very well in international marketplaces. As the income in international marketplaces is in dollars, your income is very high. But to work in international marketplaces, you need Must have good English skills and also be a competent graphic designer. One of the international marketplaces are: Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, 99 Designs, Dribble, Behance, Envato Studio etc.

7 Effective Tools for Graphic Design

The tools you need to know if you want to start learning graphic design today.


Photoshop is a well-known software in the logo graphic design world. Even if you work with graphics, you may not find people who don't use Adobe Photoshop because Photoshop is one of the software for those who do graphical work.

Every step of your career as a graphic designer requires you to use Photoshop. For example, suppose you need to retouch an old photo, change the color of the photo, in this case you can do this very easily through Photoshop(Ps). Also, through Adobe Ps, you can do many other things including effects, photo manipulation, etc. So, you can start graphic design with some basic Photoshop tools.

Adobe Illustrator (Ai)

Adobe Illustrator Logo Another popular application software of Adobe software is Adobe illustrator. In order to work in graphic design, you need to know what you can do with Illustrator.

You can design various types of cards like visiting cards, invitation cards, business cards with posters, leaflets, book cover pages, banners, etc. with Adobe illustrator. Also we often see characters or cartoons in different websites or videos. You can do all these character designs and different shapes of all types of designs very easily with Adobe illustrator(Ai).


A special feature of Indesign Logo Adobe is that it is a software that has created some application software separately for each design function. Adobe Indesign is one of them.

Many of us know about pagemaker, and many of us may not have any idea about it. Adobe Indesign (In) is one such application software through Indesign you can work on all types of printing materials. Take for example – books, newspapers, magazines, e-books or any written work and you can print them very easily.


Searching AdobeXD Logo on Google we come across some interesting websites Just what? We are sometimes very impressed by mobile apps These designs of websites or mobile apps are done by some professional UI/UX designer.

User experience tasks including website user interface, mobile apps design and other wire frame, prototyping tasks can also be done with Adobe xd. So we understand that if anyone is interested in designing user interface (UI), he can easily create a UI/UX design of his choice using Adobe Xd and Adobe Xd functions.


Figma logo Like Adobe xd, Figma allows you to work on user interface design, and user experience (UI). In general, if you want to do some more advanced design or professional design work after knowing the basic graphic, then you can do most of the Ul / UX design tasks of graphic design through Figma. And Figma is the most effective software for Ul/UX which is better than Adobe Xd Because in Figma you get more tools, elements and plugins for design and more.

Premier Pro(Pr)

Premier Pro Logographics Design means creating a new level of visualization that is not only possible with photos. Suppose you want to make a videography of one of your company's products.

Not every shot on your camera will be perfect. This video may need to be edited and some shots may need to be cut from the video. In this case, you can make a very beautiful video editor using Premier pro. Also in Pr software you will find several features and elements that make the video more interesting.

After Effects(Ae)

After Effect Logo Videography work is not only to be done with Pr. You can also do video editing with After Effect software In After Effect (Ae) you get some extra benefits such as - apart from video editing, you can also do 2D, 3D video making, product ads and promotion works very successfully through this software.

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Above all, stay with us to get more interesting information about graphic design. Always remember one more thing "I want to be a graphic designer, addiction to effort is the only profession for successful people".

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