How to Design a t Shirt for Beginners [Ultimate Guide]


Maria's favorite hobby is to keep a beautiful T-shirt collection. I want a t-shirt with the song lines or logo of all the favorite New York bands. Sometimes, looking at some t-shirts, it seems that this design would be better if it was a little different, if the font and color of the t-shirt were changed, it would be a problem. One day, a friend said to Zubair, if you have so many ideas, don't design your own T-shirt!

How to Design a t Shirt for Beginners [Ultimate Guide]
How to Design a t Shirt for Beginners [Ultimate Guide]

Indeed! The idea is not bad. How fun it would be to design your own t-shirt! Well, Maria got down to the nitty-gritty of t-shirt design. While learning basic work on his laptop, he designed a few t-shirts by mixing ideas and the sweetness of his mind. After that, he also printed it from online shop and brought it at a good price.

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After seeing the unique design and color combination, some friends ordered a T-shirt designed by Maria at a picnic. After seeing beautiful pictures on social media, orders came for some more places. As the orders started coming in, Maria was encouraged. The maximum fell in this sector. By designing t-shirts to make money, Maria has now established a small brand.

People like Maria who have new design ideas in their heads can read this article. In this article, I will discuss from the beginning of t-shirt design, various pro tips, and ways to earn by designing t-shirts.

Why Learn T-Shirt Design?

Many people start learning graphic design by designing t-shirts. T-shirt design is a simple aspect of graphic design. Learning t-shirt design is only possible after mastering certain aspects of Adobe Illustrator. Meaning, it only takes one to two months to learn t-shirt design from scratch. You have mastered a potential skill with this one or two months of hard work, isn't that nice?

T-shirt design is relatively simple but its value is not low at all. Many big brands have started from designing this one t-shirt. By learning how to design t-shirts, you will be able to design and make t-shirts for your family and friends as well as having a fancy collection of your own. You can even start a small business. Earning by designing t-shirts is very common now. And I won't tell you how popular designer t-shirts are.

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Nowadays, many people are becoming independent even by designing freelance t-shirts. T-shirt design can be a great source of income if creativity and skill are used.

Learn t-shirt Design and own Business Online

Many like Maria have set up their own online business designing t-shirts. You can say that online is currently the Brahmastra of marketing. In the digital world, almost all forms of promotion are online-centric. From the world's largest companies to small home businesses, everyone depends on the Internet. And you can start designing t-shirts using this wonderful medium. You can design your own t-shirt and get it printed at a wholesaler at an affordable price.

New York and other cities also have T-shirt printing houses. You can get a good deal if you do some searching and talking. If you know someone in this regard, you can take detailed advice from them. With your own designed t-shirts and proper promotion, you can build a small brand of your own. It cannot be said, this small brand of yours today can become the world's best company ten years later!

The above image is taken from Facebook Marketplace of Heavy Metal T-shirt, a t-shirt brand based in New York. Creafty Ink, Wear DHK, Dacca and many other desi T-shirt brands are now doing well across the country. The visionaries of these brands were but one day just like you.

If your work is interesting, it won't take long for your small promotion to become popular. You must have seen the advertisement of big T-shirt brands on Facebook, Instagram? Most of them started with a small dream of someone like Maria, and the hard work behind it.

Freelancing by Learning t-shirt Design

If you don't have big plans to start your own brand right now, freelancing as a way to make money designing t-shirts can be a great option for you. Try working on different freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork etc. You may not get much response at first, but if you are patient, you will get good results.

The image above is from the t-shirt design segment of popular freelance website Fiverr. Here are the profiles of some of our country's designers, along with the prices of their work. Here's an idea of how much revenue each t-shirt design can generate. However, depending on your skills, this income can be up to two hundred and fifty dollars per design sold!

How to Design a T-Shirt?

Although designing t-shirts is fun, you may find it challenging at first. The success of this work depends on a few specific factors. Below are the important steps of t-shirt design, which will help you become a successful t-shirt designer.

1) First Decide what Kind of T-Shirt you Want

First decide what you want from your designed t-shirt. Are you doing your t-shirt just for your marketing? Do you have a specific occasion? Do you have a historical day or event in mind? Do you have an idea of your own?

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Based on the answers to these questions, design your blue t-shirt design in your head. If there is a theme, think about the design. If you can imagine what the t-shirt will look like, you're well on your way.

2) Prepare Draft Design

Decide what logo you will put on your t-shirt, what color will contrast with it, what font and how to use it. This step is very important in making a t-shirt, so it will take time if necessary. This step becomes even more important when you are making a t-shirt for a specific purpose or event.

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It should be kept in mind that the purpose for which the t-shirt is being made should be right. Suppose a book reading club receives an order for t-shirts for its annual conference. Don't let your t-shirt feel like a picnic!

3) Each Idea is an Inspiration

T-shirt design is a creative thing. If you notice, there has been a change in the current 'trendy' designs from just a few years ago. This change can be based on society, culture, history and ongoing world events. Depending on the geographical location, there may be a different design demand for T-shirts. Ideas should be used keeping in mind who you are designing for, why you are designing.

Walking on the street or online, we all see so many designs. From these new ideas come to our mind. These ideas can also be kept in mind. Just as you need to look at previous designs in designing the best t-shirt, you should also keep in mind if you have any previous ideas of your own.

After revising the previous designs and ideas, now your job is to think about what can be done with inspiration from them. There is a whole universe of inspiration to give your creativity a new shape! From a wild mushroom to rocket science, there are ideas you can use here. From thousands of websites online to even a leaf lying on the street can help you design your t-shirt. You just have to keep your eyes and ears open, and you have to keep the new ideas before you forget them.

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4) Now Get down to Business

After thinking about the design, I came to a decision. Get down to work without delay. The more Alsemi you do, remember the more damage you're doing and the further away you are from getting a good t-shirt design. There are several important steps in implementing this task. For example;

Finalize the design.

Determine the color.

Paying attention to the size of images, graphic design.

Use proper typography.

  Bring out the color.

If everything is fine, give it to the factory.

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