How To Make a Free Blog Website on Blogger.Com

How to create a blog? Nowadays blogging and creating your own blog has become very easy and simple. Because, today we can easily create a personal blog with or WordPress software. And, you can make the blog yourself without anyone's help. Only, you need to understand things well a time or two.

How To Make a Free Blog Website on Blogger.Com

Hey, WordPress is a slightly different software and the rules for opening a blog are slightly different and it will cost you some money. But, with Google blogger you can open a blog for free without spending any money. So, in this article I will tell you how to open a free blog site using Blogger website.

I want to tell you one more thing. Hey, you might have a little trouble with blogger at first. But, when you understand things well, your interest in blogging will increase and you will have fun doing it.

Keep it up, keep it up and stick with it and keep learning about blogging along with your work.

What is a Blogger? What is Required to Make a Blog on Blogger?

Blogger or Blogger is a free website or service created by Google, using which you can make your own blog site.

Being a Google product, Blogger has proven to be a very reliable and effective service for building blogs. Today many people are making their own blog here and making money from it.

You only need a Google or Gmail account to create a blog here and you can create many blogs in one account.

If you have a Gmail account then you can also create a blog in Blogger. And, if you don't have a Gmail account, then don't know – how to create a Gmail account.

With Blogger you can create a blog website for free. You will not need to pay any money or pay anything else like hosting or theme in advance. It is completely free and you will get the opportunity to earn money by adsense on the blog created here.

So what's the point of delaying? Let's know the rules of how to make a blog in blogger below.

How to Create a Blog in Blogger? (Blog Opening Rules)

To create a blog on Blogger, you need to use a laptop or computer and it must have an internet connection and, as I have already said, you need to have a Gmail or Google account to create a blog.

If the things mentioned above are ready, you can create your own blog in Blogger by following the steps mentioned below.

So now we know the rules of opening a blog in a beautiful way.

Step 1. Login to Google Account

First of all you need to go to website from your own computer or laptop.

How To Make a Free Blog Website on Blogger.Com

After going to the website, you will see a dashboard or blogger's home page as shown in the image above.

Now you will directly see a link or button saying “Create your blog” click on it.

After clicking on the "Create blog" button, you will create a blog by logging in from the Google account login page.

How To Make a Free Blog Website on Blogger.Com

After that, login to your Gmail account with your Gmail ID and password.

Remember, logging into your Gmail account means logging into your blogger account. You don't have to login or signup to blogger separately.

Step 2. Set Blogger Profile Name

Now after login to blogger with Gmail account you will login to blogger and first you will be asked to set profile name.

How To Make a Free Blog Website on Blogger.Com

You can see in the above picture that it says “welcome to blogger” and below it says “confirm your profile”, you should see it.

Now what you have to do is give a profile name in the “Display name” box below.

You can give any name like I gave “itutorialss”.

Remember that the profile name given here will be shown in the articles written on your blog.

It means that your articles will be published or promoted on your blog with this profile name.

So now give a good profile name and click on “Continue to blogger” button below.

Step 3. Create a Blog Website from the Blogger Dashboard

Now on the next page you will see your blogger dashboard. You will be able to see a button or link called "create new blog" in your blogger account.

How To Make a Free Blog Website on Blogger.Com

As shown in the above image you will see “create new blog” link which you need to click.

Step 4. Fill in the New Blog Details

Now you will see some options on your computer screen like “title”, “address”, “theme”.

How To Make a Free Blog Website on Blogger.Com

The options you see in the image above are related to your new blog.

Before creating a blog on Blogger, you need to fill these 3 options well.

Title – In this place you have to write something about your own blog in one line title checker. It is called the title of the blog. For better understanding, see what title I have written in the above image.

Address – In this section you have to set the URL address of your blogger blog. You can set it with any URL name.

But remember if your given address is available you can use it.

If the given URL address is available, you will be written "this blog address is available". Otherwise, you have to give another address.

Hey, after creating a blog you can definitely set a top level domain like in, .com or info for your blog.

Now you can see an option of the theme of your blog. Here you will see many different themes and you have to buy a theme from this theme for your blog, theme means design. The theme you choose for your blog is how your blog will look.

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So, select the one you like from the given themes for your blog.

Now after everything is done click on “create blog” option from the bottom right side.

Step 5. SKIP Google Domain Option

Now, you will see an option or box, which says “Google domain”.

How To Make a Free Blog Website on Blogger.Com

Now you can register top level domain like in, com, info or org domain for your blogger blog in find a domain box.

Remember that you may have to pay some money to buy the domain.

So if you want then you can register top level domain for your blog from here. And if you do not want to register the domain from here or want to take the domain later, then click on the "No thanks" link.

Remember, it is not mandatory or necessary to buy a top level domain and use it on blogger blog.

You can use Blogger's free blog URL address in your blog if you want.

So now directly click on “No thanks” link.

Step 6. Your Blog is Created

Now after clicking the no thanks link above, your blogger blog will be created on the next page and you will be presented with your new blog dashboard.

How To Make a Free Blog Website on Blogger.Com

You will now be presented with your blogger dashboard as you see in the image above.

From Dashboard you can go to your blog address and see blog design or live view.

Apart from this, you can go to new post from your dashboard and write a new article or publish it.

How To Make a Free Blog Website on Blogger.Com

Simply put, you can do everything related to blogging from your blogger dashboard. Just try to understand app things by yourself after making blog.

Step 7. Visit Your Blog

To see how your blog is done or to view the blog, click on the “view blog” option on the top left of your blogger dashboard. Here you can see the blog you created, it will be very beautiful.

How To Make a Free Blog Website on Blogger.Com

If you want to go directly to your blog or if someone else wants to go to your blog, then you can find your blog by searching the URL address of your blog that you gave while creating the blog.

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Our Last Words

I will write a new article about what to do after creating a blog in Blogger, how to do settings or how to design a blog.

Now first of all you have not made a blog in Blogger as I said above. And if you feel any difficulty in making a blog then please comment below. I will definitely help you.

Hopefully, you got the solution through the post of how to make a free blog on Blogger.

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