How to Create a Website in 20 Minutes - A Beginner's Guide

Nowadays, the internet is a storehouse of knowledge and information, and we get this information or knowledge from various types of Online Create a Website.

The main source of every information available on the Internet is "website".

But nowadays a website is created for various reasons.

Some may be creating websites to earn money online, some may be to promote their business and some may want to create websites just for fun without any interest.

So, everyone's reasons for creating a website may be different, but the rules for creating a website are pretty much the same.

If you are wondering how to create a website or what to do to create a website?

Because, to create a website you have to work through different processes.

But don't worry, through today's article you will know each process or rules correctly.

As an Internet user, you must have seen many different websites.

But how these websites are made, you must want to know about this?

How to make a website or the rules of making a website, we will know at the beginning what is this "website"?

What is the Website?

How to Create a Website in 20 Minutes

We have already discussed in detail what is a website. You can access these web pages only online through the internet. So, to put it plainly and simply, a website is made up of multiple web pages. Before entering a website you need to know the name or domain name of that website. The domain name of the website is also known as the web address. 

For example, text, color, graphics, animation, video, sound etc.

When someone gives you a website name or web address, it is basically the main page or home page of that website. Now, from the home page of a website, you can access different sections of the website and read different contents.

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But it depends on you or the website builder what kind of content you put on your website.

There are many websites that only have one home page.

Why is the Demand for the Website so High?

In most cases it has been observed that people visit websites online mainly for two or three reasons.

1. For new Information

Nowadays, if we need or need to know information about anything, we go directly to the Internet and search on Google or other search engines. And, the search engines put the information we are looking for through different websites in front of us. Maybe you are a school or college student and looking for information related to a project or study. Besides, you may want to know the news happening in your country or around the world. Or, wanting to learn about various topics to increase your general knowledge.

These websites are useful for receiving information on science, education, research, general knowledge, news etc.

2. Online Shopping

Nowadays we visit various online shopping websites online to buy anything. Be it from clothes, buying a mobile or laptop or anything, these days we order almost everything online. In most cases online shopping websites do not provide any kind of information. There you see pictures of their products or services and information related to that product.

But in any case, online shopping websites (e-commerce websites) are not popular for online shopping nowadays.

3. File Download

Nowadays we go to different websites and download different types of files. For example, various types of content such as movies, games, software etc. are regularly downloaded by these websites.

Besides, we visit different types of websites on the internet for many other tasks.

4. Blog Website

A blog site (blog) is definitely a type of website where we basically get text, video and audio content.

Now that you are reading this article of mine, it is also a blog website. Through this blog of mine, you can receive information on a specific topic (how to create a website) through text articles. So, we can understand that there can be various reasons for accessing a website through the Internet.

Let's, now we know directly, how do we make a website?

How to Create a Website – (Complete Steps)

As I said above, websites can be of different types. So, you need to make sure in advance what kind of website you want to create.

For example:

News Website

Online Store Website

Business Websites

Personal Website (Blog)


Company Page

Social Sites

I wouldn't be wrong if I say that building a website 14-15 years ago was a very difficult task. Because in the past, if you don't know the coding language, it was almost impossible to make a website.

However, building a website has become almost child's play these days. Nowadays you don't need to know any coding language to create a professional website.

Because, now we can make any type of website using different CMS content management system software.

And among these CMS software, the most popular software is "WordPress".

Through this you can create and control different types of websites.

Rules for Creating a Professional Website

Remember that there are many different processes involved in building a website. Here we are going to tell you about the most popular and easy way. Now let's take a look at the steps you need to follow while creating a website.

Domain Name

First of all you need to buy a website address or domain name for your website.

By the way, you are using the domain name “” to access my website.

In the same way you have to select a domain name for your website.

Domain is the address of your website.

When a user searches the internet by typing your domain name, he will see your website.

You need to choose a domain that matches the content on your website.

Some of the best common top-level domains are .com, .edu, .org, .info and .net.

By adding a name to the domains mentioned above, you can choose a domain name or website address for your website.

Besides, you can buy a domain name for very less money from popular websites like Namecheap and Godaddy.

Web Hosting

Now you need to buy a web hosting space for your website. Running a website on the internet requires storage space. This storage space will contain all files, content and information related to your website.

Simply put, you need a server to host your website files online. And by purchasing hosting, you are giving space to a server for your website. So, after buying the domain name, now you have to buy web hosting.

To buy hosting, you can see different hosting companies by searching in Google. You can buy hosting from, namecheap, godaddy or other hosting companies for much less.

Hosting is associated with the domain

Look, you have to remember that the domain you bought is the one that points to your hosting account. Because, your website files are hosted in the server of your hosting account. So, when someone searches for your domain name or website address, But then, the domain must point to your hosting server. In this, the user will find your website directly and get access to the website files.

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Connecting domain and hosting server is very simple.

Step 1.

Collect your Nameserver addresses from the hosting company you purchased web hosting from.

You will get nameserver details just by searching on google. Or, you can also collect this information by contacting the web hosting company's support team. For example, the nameservers of namecheap hosting are – and

In this way, you collect the name servers of your web hosting company.

Step 2.

Finally, login to your domain account dashboard (from where you bought the domain). Visit the settings like Manage DNS or Domain settings.

You will see an option of Nameserver. Select custom in Nameserver and enter the nameservers of the hosting company/account one by one.

DNS (domain name server) takes about 24 hours to update.

However, sometimes after some time your nameserver will update and your domain will start pointing to your hosting server. You can understand by typing your domain name in any web browser and pressing one.

Now your domain and hosting server are connected.

Now you can create and design a website by installing CMS (WordPress) in your server.

Install WordPress

Now from wherever you have purchased the hosting, cPanel URL and other login details will be sent to your email id after purchasing the hosting. For example, login username and password.

If you have not received the cPanel login details, then you can definitely contact the support team of the web hosting company. Remember, many web hosting companies also provide links to access cPanel directly from their dashboards. If so, you can directly enter cPanel by clicking on the login cPanel link.

1. After entering cPanel you will see an option called Softaculous app installer.

Below Softaculous you will see the WordPress icon.

Now, directly click on that WordPress logo.

2. After clicking you will see the latest version of WordPress. Below you will see install option, click there.

3. Now a new page will open where you have to submit some information related to your website. Remember that you have to remember every information given carefully.

4. Choose protocol: You have to select https:// from the Protocol option.

5. Domain name: You have purchased the domain name before purchasing the hosting, enter the domain name correctly here.

6. In Directory: You don't have to enter anything in this field, just leave it blank.

7. Site Name: Here you have to give your website name. You can provide your domain name. For example,

8. Site Description: Here you have to write something brief about your website.

9. Admin user Name: Here you have to provide a login username. Remember, you must use this username to login to your WordPress website dashboard. You can name your website here.

10. Admin Password: Here you have to enter a new password. You will use this password to login to the website dashboard.

11. Admin Email: Here you have to give your own email id.

12. Finally, you have to click on the “Install” button below.

Last and final step of website creation

Your website will now start building and the website installation process will take 3 to 4 minutes to complete. After the installation process is complete, below you will see the login details in WordPress homepage.

Here you will see the login URL address and domain of your new website.

Now your newly created website is live.

If you search by typing your domain name, you will see your website.

13. Clicking on the given WordPress login URL address will take you to the login page of your website.

14. Now you can enter your website's dashboard (WordPress dashboard) using the username and password you gave above.

15. By entering the WordPress dashboard, you can design, edit, publish content, etc. on your website.

Remember, your website is brand new right now, so there won't be anything here right now.

You have to design your own website through theme, plugin etc.

How to design a WordPress website, how to publish content, you can learn everything by watching videos on YouTube. And, if you want to create a free blog site, then you can learn how to create a free blogger blog through this article.

Our Last Words

So friends, through today's article we learned how to create a website or the rules for creating a WordPress website. This way, you can create any type of website very easily without any coding knowledge. You can design any type of website with WordPress.

You can create an e-commerce website and Blog Website for Contacts Me through this. However, for this you need to use different plugins and themes.

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