6 Reasons to Learn Graphic Design


Graphic design is inextricably linked with our technological world. Where is this thing? From the packaging of the toothpaste you brush with when you wake up in the morning, to the advertisements you see on TV and online, from Super shop logos to school yearbooks - everything has graphic design. Even your favorite band's logo t-shirt is a work of this graphic design.

To Learn Graphic Design

6 Reasons to Learn Graphic Design
6 Reasons to Learn Graphic Design

A product or message is presented attractively through graphic design. Today's world is completely dependent on marketing. And this marketing can not be thought of without graphic design! That is why knowing this skill opens up a huge field of possibilities for a person. Let's find out why spending a lot of time and effort on graphic design is worthwhile.

1) Graphic Designers Wanted Everywhere

As I said earlier, the whole world has become dependent on marketing. Technology is so widespread now, that even a small business owner needs promotion. From social media marketing to many other types of digital marketing to offline marketing – graphic design is a must to attract people. Just what is marketing? It won't take you long to look around and realize how graphic design is all over the place.

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Since everything requires so much design, the number of designers in the industry is relatively low. A few days ago this amount was negligible. Nowadays, many have started working by learning graphic design. But the interesting thing is that the demand for graphic designers has not decreased so much! This is because the world is becoming more and more technologically dependent. And the responsibility on graphic design is increasing everywhere. That is why a graphic designer is always in demand.

If you know how to work properly, I can guarantee you that you will never be short of work!

2) Work Can be Done Anywhere in the World

Suppose you are a skilled graphic designer. One day in the morning in a small village of Dinajpur, you are sitting in Machang by the pond and designing a YouTube profile of a businessman from Mexico. Your mother came and sat next to you with a cup of tea.

Isn't graphic design a wonderful thing? Yes, you can have a fulfilling career as a graphic designer from the comfort of your own home! All the welfare of the internet. If you are a freelance designer, you won't really need much contact with the employer once you get the job. There is no question of meeting directly for work. As a result, you can earn from your work anywhere in the world!

3) Graphic Design Can be the best Source of Income!

You must have seen on Facebook the stories of learning graphic design and earning at home? We have many designers in Bangladesh now, who successfully learn graphic design, work, earn a lot of money. Many people have bought cars and houses by doing this!

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That said, I think that Bossona work is as easy as giving a hand. Learning this skill requires a lot of focus, hard work and persistence. It is not that you will start earning first. But if you give enough time, and if you try your best to achieve the skills, I can guarantee that you will not have to look back!

4) Freedom of work, Opportunity to use Creativity

One of my uncles was saying very sadly that day how his ideas could not be used in the workplace. You will also hear relatives or acquaintances saying many times how difficult their workplace is, how they have to obey their superiors like a robot, their ideas are not properly used.

But if you are a graphic designer, then you don't have to worry about such things. Because here you are your boss! Want to cook with your own hands on the occasion of mother's birthday today? do it Take an order less than today! Don't like the color shade in a logo?

If the likes the final product, then there is no complaint against you, on the contrary, he will thank you! Graphic design is a game of creativity. The more you use your creativity, yours. The work will be more prosperous!

5) If the work is Good, the Customer will come Back Again and Again

As I said earlier, if the customer likes your creativity and work style, then why would he go to the trouble of finding a new one? What he will do is come to you later with a bigger order.

Suppose you have made his business logo very beautiful. Later he will give you the responsibility of all other work including advertisement of his business. Maybe your name will be referred in chat with friends. If you do this well, you will soon be in a good position. So you understand, how much money can be earned by designing graphics - the answer to the question is in your own hands.

6) You can Learn by Yourself!

Many people have questions, how to learn graphics design? The story of Kalpa above is not a lie at all. Many people like Kalpa have learned graphic design at home and are now successful. The funny thing is, graphic design skills are such that you don't need any formal degree for it. In other words, a class nine student sitting next door to a graduate can design at the same level.

Your main tools here are your creativity, willpower and skills. No one will ever ask you how many institutional certificates you have in graphic design. Isn't it funny?

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And there are countless courses, articles and tutorials on the Internet to teach graphic design! With a little willpower and a handful of hard work, you can become an excellent graphic designer at home!

3 Best Graphics Design Software

How to learn graphic design? What to start with? To answer these questions, I will discuss here the graphic design software that most designers recommend to start learning with. I will also tell you some of their common advantages and disadvantages.

How to Use Adobe Illustrator for Beginners - Complete Guide

1) Adobe Photoshop

Most professionals vote for Adobe Photoshop as the graphics design software to start with. Millions of people choose Adobe Photoshop to edit photos, do basic design. At the beginning of learning graphic design people spend more time creating images, banners etc. And Adobe Photoshop is the most convenient for this work.

Apart from drawing, designing, painting in Photoshop, this graphics design software has specialized features for many other tasks.

2) Canva

Who doesn't like free stuff! And if that free thing is a graphics design software, then there is no more! Most of the features of this excellent software are available for free. At the same time, you can work together in groups even from the other side of the world with Canva.

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3) Adobe Illustrator

All things considered, Adobe Illustrator is undoubtedly the best graphics design software. Although it has a lot in common with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator is actually Photoshop's big brother. Illustrator mainly focuses on vector designs. A combination of illustrators to create unique designs.

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