What is Logo Design in Graphic Design?

A logo refers to any sign or symbol created through design. Nowadays all companies or business organizations design their own logo to gain recognition. Logo design is currently the most popular. Now all the organizations use logo designs for themselves.

In fact, today logos surround an organization. There are hundreds of different logo designs all around. So now T-shirts, mugs, books, magazines, software, websites and offices of various organizations are adorned with logos.

How to Learn Logo Design?

Logo design is basically a part of graphics design. Logo design is one of the hundreds of categories in a broad sector like graphic design. To learn logo design, on the other hand, you need to learn graphic design first.

What is Logo Design in Graphic Design

Logo design has become more serious with technology. Another reason for this is the tremendous advancement of computers and software. Therefore, as logo design is not as complicated and expensive as before, almost all organizations are walking on the path of getting logo design for their branding benefits.

So get familiar with the graphic design software and tools, then slowly move towards the advanced level, then it will be easy to design the logo.

To learn logo design you need to work with software that works with vectors. Some of the world famous software used for logo designing are: Adobe Illustrator, CoreIDRAW, Affinity Designer etc. All these software are vector art based software. A company's logo is used on all its products or anything else, so its size needs to be scaled down as needed. Vector images are used in every aspect of logo design as this can be done keeping the quality intact in vector images.

A logo designer should be skilled in several things. You need to acquire good skills on Typography, Logo Mark, Color, Context. Then it is not necessary to create a logo, along with this you must have the correct explanation of the Shape, Element, Symbol used in the logo. So you must understand that logo design is not as simple as water.

But you can also take formal education to get success very fast in logo design sector. Graphics design also provides training at such institutes. So you can get admission in any such reputed institution near you. Just do a little searching and you will find tutorials from all the world's best logo designers online. You can be sure that the quality of these online courses will be hundred times better than any institute around you.

How Many Types of Logo Design?

Designing an attractive logo is a challenge for any designer. So experts have divided logo design into several categories for what your logo will look like.

Logo design is mainly divided into three parts. These are - Image, Words and Combination. However, based on these three main categories, logo design is further divided into 8 types. These are-

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Brand Mark

Icon based logo is usually called brand or symbol logo. In this type of logo, specific icons are selected for your company. That's why people can easily identify your company from others.

Abstract Logo Marks

These types of logos are usually image or shape based. This type of logo is slightly larger than the simple type brand mark people use. Such logos are used to describe certain qualities or characteristics of the company. For example- logos of Pepsi, Microsoft (Windows), Adidas.


These types of logos are created by combining cartoons or caricatures and pictures of people, so they are called mascots. For example, KFC, Pillsbury, Kellogg's logo.

Wordmark Logos or Logotypes

Typography based logos are called wordmark logos. In this type of logo, the name of the brand or company is written through text. But in this case, the style, color, etc. of the text is eye-catching. Like- Subway, Uber, Camelback, Google etc. company logos.

Lettercards or Monograms

These types of logos are based on typography like World Marks. But the difference is that only the first letter or abbreviation of the company name is used in this type of logo. So another name of this logo is monogram logo. World famous CNN, FedEx, HBO are used by such people.

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Letterforms are smaller logos than monograms. Such logos are usually made with only one letter. For example, McDonald's, WordPress, Yahoo logo.


This type of logo is mostly used in school-college organizations or government institutions. For example, Starbucks, Stella Artois, Superman use such logos. But you will find the existence of many such logos around you.

Combination Marks

When a new logo is created by combining the types or types described above, then such a logo is called a combination mark logo. For example, the logo used by Taco Bell, CVS, Topterone.

How Much Money can you Earn by Designing a Logo?

Earning from learning logo design mainly depends on the amount of work and skill you have. The demand for a skilled logo designer in the freelancing marketplace or large IT companies is sky high. So you can earn a lot of money if you are skilled.

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Initially a logo designer earns 20 to 30 thousand rupees according to his skills. As experience and skills increase over time, income also increases. A fully skilled, experienced and creative logo designer earns lakhs of rupees per month.

You will be surprised to know that sometimes the fee for designing a logo is lakhs of rupees. Logo design is one of the top earning graphic design jobs. So if you have skills, experience and creativity you don't have to worry about earning money in this profession.

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