How to Take Online Classes Through Zoom


With the increase in corona infection, the need to know about the rules of Online Classes Through Zoom is increasing. Online classes are a very familiar term among students these days. With time, the number of people asking how to take classes online is also increasing. Because the institutions which previously did not want to conduct class-meeting online, they are not seeing the way now.

 How to do Online Class - Online Class

How to Take Online Classes Through Zoom
How to Take Online Classes Through Zoom

Basically, during the corona epidemic of 2020, many people came to know about online classes. Online communication between teachers and students and tutoring programs are maintained to conduct educational activities as everyone is confined to their homes due to this pandemic.

However, it is not just a matter of online classes due to the corona epidemic, but being able to attend or discuss any subject virtually for any reason is considered as an online class.

Nowadays, the importance of online classes has increased a lot, the need for online classes or meetings is increasing to maintain social distance during the corona epidemic, to keep yourself and others safe as well as to continue studying or to keep the office running while maintaining social distance.

But many of us do not know how to do online classes, how to do online classes. So let's know about the rules of online classes.

How to do Online Class

In today's article on how to do online classes, I will try to tell some popular and easy methods through which we can do online classes. Some of the most popular apps we use for online classes are-

Zoom Cloud Meeting

Google Meetings and

Google Classroom

There are many other apps that can take online classes. But the user-friendly interface, ease of use and other benefits are behind the above three apps' popularity.

Even if you use the above three apps for the first time, you can understand everything very quickly because the user interface, settings and system of the apps are very simple.

However, many times it is seen that classes or meetings are attended from a place where the internet connection is likely to be disconnected, in which case all the above three apps provide online class recording facilities, so that you can make up the missing classes later.

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However, these apps can be used for a limited period of time, such as: Zoom meeting up to 40 minutes of free classes no way. In this case, it is often found that 40 minutes is not enough. However, the time limit can be extended by taking premium membership.

Rules for Doing online Classes

Now let's know how to do online classes step by step

We all know that through online teachers-students and any important meetings of various companies and government offices are conducted online. To join any online meeting or class follow the below procedure-

To take online classes first ensure internet connection on the device through which you will access online.

Online classes are taken through video conferencing on various apps or websites. For online classes, you need to collect the website link or apps ID and password.

After collecting the password and ID, you can enter the specific meeting or class only by entering the ID and password and clicking on the join button.

After completing the online class, you have to exit from the app or if you are taking the class from the website, then you have to cross from the website.

However, if you want to leave the online class due to any reason, then there will be an option called Leave where you can leave the online class by clicking on it.

If you want to take a class through the website, then open the class link with any browser, then you can enter the class directly. But the app version is more convenient for the user.

Various Features of Online Class App

If you look closely at the zoom apps you are using, you can see that there are microphone, camera, chatting, screen share options. These will come in handy during your class. For example:

You need to turn on the camera option to talk to your sir on video call

The microphone should be turned on so that everyone else can hear your voice. If the microphone is turned off, no one can hear you, no matter how loud you speak.

If you want to show anything on your screen to others, you need to turn on the screen share option.

Website for Online Classes

To join the online class on desktop laptop, you can directly join the online class by copying the online class link and pasting it in the search bar on your desktop or laptop browser. In this case you will not need meeting ID and password like separate apps.

Online classes can be done using websites as well as using apps. For this reason, you can join the online class by collecting the links of Zoom Meeting, Google Meeting, Google Classroom etc. and clicking on the link.

Also, you can the computer version of the specific app for online classes on a laptop or desktop computer. That's why you have to search by typing exe file with the name of the app in Google. For example: Search for zoom app by typing zoom.exe file.

What is Required for Taking Online Classes

Taking online classes requires several things, but you can use it according to your ability and needs.

However, if you consider the cost aspect, you can do online classes through mobile at the lowest cost and all you need to do online classes on mobile is-

A smartphone

Internet connection or mobile data

Apps for online classes (Zoom Meeting, Google Meeting, Google Classroom, etc.)

An earphone (to hear online class discussions clearly)

On the other hand, for those who want to take online classes on their laptop or desktop, all they need is-

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Laptop or desktop

Webcam or web camera (for desktop users).

Microphone (optional)


Internet connection (In this case, those of you who have WiFi facility on desktop laptop can use Internet connection through Wi-Fi or desktop and laptop users can use Internet connection through Ethernet port. However, if none of the above two facilities are available, you can also use Internet connection through USB modem).

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Through online classes, it is possible to continue the education program while maintaining social distance. By following the above rules properly, you can have a good online class experience. Hope, you have found the answer and way to this question of how to do online classes.

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