What is UI/UX design? Why Learn UI/UX Design?


Are you thinking of building your career in a challenging profession like UI/UX design? UI/UX design is emerging as one of the most in-demand subjects of today's era, where you can build a long-lasting career.

The present age is the age of technology. Where the whole world is moving forward based on technology, we are constantly stepping towards new possibilities. It is surprising but true that new employment has been created based on this potential sector. And so in this digital age there is no alternative to acquiring skills in career building.

What is UIUX design Why Learn UIUX Design
What is UIUX design Why Learn UIUX Design

Nowadays, the demand of a designer as a career has increased in all fields of education, business, sports, freelancing. So if you are thinking of building your career in this promising sector then you can make your debut as a UI/UX designer as one of the most in-demand in the current era. So today's discussion is about A to Z of UI/UX.

What Does UI Mean?

The full form of UI is User Interface. The user interface that we as a user are using in various websites, applications is known as UI design. That is, the interface that we see visually in case of using an application or website is done by UI. Even now, when you are reading this blog through mobile or laptop, the interface of the webpage is also designed by UI/UX. That is, its main objective is to provide better services to a user to enhance his user experience.

Those who work or are involved in this profession have to face many challenges every day. But the task of creating a user friendly interface with the customers in mind is not easy at all. A group of researchers in the United States conducted a special study on exactly which mobile phone interface is user friendly. The study asked them to review which mobile phone is more user friendly between Apple and Samsung. According to the majority of participants there, Apple wins the vote as having a user-friendly interface that they like the most. Maybe that's why Apple has gained so much popularity among mobile phone users worldwide.

What is the Full Form of UX?

UX is all about user experience. UX design is a step to consider in any product design. Basically it is a field in which a subject or experience is considered. Be it a website, a super-soap or a coffee shop design. Basically this entire process is considered as part of the whole process of a business and in the case of business the product is served. So a UX designer works to understand the needs of a user and to make their desired actions simple.

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That is, the main objective of a UX designers is to work towards creating advanced, efficient and user-friendly experiences for customers.

Why learn UI/UX?

UI and UX design is recognized as a very in-demand subject these days. As a skilled designer in this sector, you can expand your scope of work across country boundaries. Consumers' reliance on digital media has increased over time. Now no customer goes to shop anymore. Rather, he is shopping for his favorite things at home. As a result, there has been a huge improvement in the business sector. And for this, from the place of people's dependence on digital media, the demand of people to build their careers in this sector has increased.

If you are a UI and UX designer you can earn an average of tk 37,000 to tk 1,80,000. Also working as a freelancer in the marketplace can double this number. Nowadays companies ranging from business to education, e-commerce sector to company websites depend on a skilled UI and UX designer. A skilled UI and UX designer is highly valued across digital media today as a fully skilled designer. This sector is becoming more prosperous day by day. So building a career in this increasingly in-demand sector means you don't have to look for a job, rather the job finds you. So in this era of competition, there is no alternative to building a career as a skilled UI and UX designer if you want to build a career in any in-demand field.

Difference Between UI/UX

Many of us mistake UI/UX for the two things. Let's find out exactly what kind of difference exists between UI/UX- The full form of UI is User interface. On the other hand, the full form of UX is User Experience.

UI designers work with the aim of creating user friendly interface for any application, website for a customer. UX Designer on the other hand focuses on customer experience for a given user interface and strives to make it user friendly.

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Keeping customers in mind, UI designers aim to create user interfaces that are user-friendly, smooth, and based on customer demand. But a UX designer works based on a user's problem. UI aims to create a design interface. A UX designer, on the other hand, works on the user interface level.

Digital interface through UI aims to create digital products and user friendly interface. But UX is created through the experience and feedback of any product, service, or customer.

Why should you Pursue a Career as a UI or UX Designer?

At present, the impression of modernity is in every field. Now everyone is prioritizing individual freedom in career selection rather than prioritizing traditional jobs. However, in choosing a career, you must choose a career by prioritizing the needs of the era, the acceptance of the profession and whether there will be a demand for it after 10 years. Nowadays in this digital era the demand for UI and UX has increased. So why you should pursue a career as a UI UX designer let's know in detail-

i. Challenging profession

The profession of a UI/UX designer is quite challenging as compared to other professions. You don't have to work hard in this sector. Rather, we have to constantly face challenges and move forward in this sector through creativity. In this sector there is not only one center but constantly presenting new works to the customers through different types of designs. So if you want to constantly face challenges and also want to build up your career by building a career in a challenging profession, there is no alternative to building a career in this sector.

ii. UI/UX Designer Freelance Income

Freelancing has been recognized as a popular profession in modern times. Its scope has increased day by day. If you want to build a career as a UI/UX designer you can work under a company as well as a freelancer. You can work equally on freelance marketplaces like -Freelancer, People Per Hour, Fiverr, UpWork etc. to showcase your qualifications and skills. As a skilled designer, the profession is in high demand in this sector. So if you want to scale up your career and establish yourself as a skilled UI/UX designer then freelance marketplace might be the right solution for you.

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iii. Passive Income

If you want to develop yourself as a skilled UI/UX designer then you can earn good quality money in this sector even with passive income. Currently, the demand for product designers has increased twice as much as before. New UI/UX designers are constantly uploading product design files to popular sites like Themeforest. From there, he is earning a good amount of money by selling his own designs. So if you want to make your debut as a skilled UI / UX designer then you can earn good money by passive income as well.

A Career in Remote Jobs as a UI/UX Designer

There has been a lot of change in the working style of people nowadays. Now people are not only sitting in the country and doing the country's work. Rather, they are able to earn foreign currency by working outside the country. So if you are an expert UI/UX designer you can earn enough money by completing work for domestic as well as foreign clients equally. But for remote job you must attach your previous work portfolio. So you add your previous work portfolio to Behance, Dribeel portfolio, Case Study. Then your buyer will be able to select you for the remote job by checking your previous work experience and skills. You will find remote jobs on various platforms including linkedin, indeed.

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