What is Affiliate Marketing How do I Start for Beginners


How to start affiliate marketing, how much money can be earned and how to earn money through affiliate marketing, we will know the answer to every question through this article today.

What is affiliate marketing? How do I start? How much money will the income be?

What is Affiliate Marketing How do I Start for Beginners
What is Affiliate Marketing How do I Start for Beginners

What is affiliate marketing? If you run a blog or website or have a YouTube channel, then affiliate marketing can prove to be the best way for you to earn online.

Among them, Google AdSense is the best. But, affiliate marketing is proving to be the most profitable and popular way for bloggers to earn money today.

You will need a “Blog”, “YouTube Channel” or “Website” to earn fast and big money with affiliate marketing.

However, if you have a social media page or profile where you have a huge follower base, you can earn unlimited money doing affiliate marketing there too.

So you can do affiliate marketing on a Facebook page or any social media page if you want.

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So let's know what affiliate marketing is and other things related to it.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an element or form of online marketing. In this case, companies take the help of various online publishers to promote their products, services or brands and increase sales.

For example, this marketing work is done with the help of blog, website, social media page, YouTube channel etc. associated with the company's brand or product.

In other words, affiliate marketing is a means by which we can promote any online company's digital product, physical product of online store or any thing that can be bought online, own website, blog, social media page or You can promote YouTube channel through “Affiliate Link”.

When people the promoted item through your link or any other product through the link on the official website of the PRODUCT, you are paid some commission for that sale.

However, the amount of commission earned may vary from product to product.

How much you will be paid as commission will be decided by the online website company whose product or service you have promoted. In fact, everything is told to you in advance.

For example, if you are promoting the products listed here as an Amazon affiliate marketer, you can check Amazon's standard commission rates to understand how much Amazon will pay you as a commission for selling any item.

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What exactly does Affiliate Marketing Mean?

In this case, you can market and promote any digital product such as “domain”, “hosting”, “WordPress theme”, “online course”, “online software” etc.

Apart from this, the most beneficial aspect of affiliate marketing is that you have to register yourself as an affiliate marketer on any online shopping website on the internet.

Then, knowing everything about that mobile, I wrote an article on it in my blog and gave complete details about the mobile.

Finally, I created my own affiliate link from an e-commerce website where the mobile can be purchased and added it to the article.

Now after knowing about the mobile, those who wanted to the mobile could easily the mobile from the link provided by me and since the purchase was made through the affiliate link provided by me, I could earn some commission money for each sale.

That way, you can earn money by promoting anything online through your affiliate link.

If your blog is getting a lot of traffic or your YouTube channel is getting a lot of views, then you can't imagine how much money affiliate marketing can make you.

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So, what is affiliate marketing, maybe now you have a good core understanding.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

Below I will tell you 6 simple points or steps, by following which you can start working with affiliate marketing.

That page, blog or YouTube channel must have a lot of traffic, visitors or likes. Because, the most important thing for marketing the product is the audience to whom you will share or market the product. And these 4 ways are the best in promoting online.

After joining any online affiliate program you can share their content or products through your affiliate link.

After joining an affiliate network or affiliate program, you have to choose what kind of content or products you will share with people. There are various digital products online that are in high demand these days.

You will be given an affiliate link to promote the selected product or content. With this, affiliate links will direct people to the official page of your shared product.

You can then share your affiliate link with people on your blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page or any other medium.

Now, if someone that content or product through the affiliate link of your shared product, you will get a commission for every sale from the affiliate network.

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So, after knowing these 6 simple steps, you may have understood how to start affiliate marketing.

How to get affiliate links for products?

There are various online companies on the internet such as web hosting companies, online clothing stores, domain companies, course selling sites, etc. All of them currently offer an affiliate program.

You can find many such online companies and join their affiliate programs.

You will have a profile or dashboard within the affiliate program or network you sign up for. This is where you will find your affiliate link and product details.

You will find affiliate links for the products you are thinking of promoting and selling from your affiliate dashboard.

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How to Promote and Sell Products?

You can draw people's attention to the product or service you are thinking of promoting by writing an article on your blog or making a video on YouTube about the product or service you are thinking of promoting.

This will increase the chances of your audience converting into your potential customers and you will get a quick income.

Don't forget to add the affiliate link to the product in the description of your blog article or YouTube video.

Also, if you have an Instagram page or other social media page with a large number of followers, then you can also publish content related to your affiliate product .

In this way, you can earn a lot of money by promoting and selling the products or services of other companies on the Internet through affiliate marketing.

Believe me, people are earning lakhs of rupees every month through this method.

Today people are earning lakhs of rupees per month as commission through this method. And so if you try you can easily earn several thousand a month.

But, it will take you some time to understand the real game of this affiliate marketing.

Since, you are creating content related to blogging and uploading it to your online site or channel, most of the audience that comes to your blog or channel may be interested in web hosting and domain.

Now, you can register yourself as an affiliate with a good domain and hosting company, promote their products through your own video content or blog articles and get the attention of the audience to those products.

In this case, you can earn 10% to 20% on every purchase.

How much money you can earn from affiliate marketing depends entirely on.

How expensive are you promoting?

Total number of products sold through affiliate links.

Your affiliate income depends on these things. It may seem difficult in the beginning even though it is an online business entirely. Sell products to others and take commission.

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Some Profitable and Famous Affiliate Programs:

Nowadays, all small and large online e-commerce sites or companies have affiliate programs. But, some of them have affiliate networks that give you a lot of income as commission.

Flipkart affiliate program – It is a well-known and popular online shopping website. By registering here for free you can sell and promote a variety of cheap and expensive items with good commission.

Amazon affiliate program – Amazon is the first in the e-commerce business and in this online shopping store you can register as an affiliate and sell various products commission rates through affiliate.

Go daddy (domain & hosting) – If your blog or YouTube channel is about blogging and hosting, then register yourself as an affiliate on Go Daddy and promote domain and hosting offers on many high commissions. Go daddy is a very famous online company for domains and hosting.

HostGator affiliate network – This is a well-known company in the domain and hosting market. If you want to promote domain or hosting, you can work with good commission on HostGator.

With eBay affiliate program you can earn good commission on any of its online product marketing core.

Apart from this, there are various local websites in your own country that give you good commission for promoting and selling their products.

You can directly go to Google and search about the local affiliate program of your country and join them.

Affiliate marketing can be done in what way?

If you are thinking of making money online by working from home doing affiliate marketing, then now you might be wondering how affiliate marketing can be done.

Influencer: Being a social media influencer can promote products to potential audiences.

Blogging: Create your own blog site and promote it by publishing content related to the product.

Search Engines: Attract the attention of targeted customers by displaying ads on search engines like Google.

Review Sites: It is possible to promote multiple and different products by creating a product review site.

Social Media Ads: It is possible to promote affiliate products by showing paid ads on social media sites.

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Some important questions related to affiliate marketing

How to promote affiliate products?

What kind of product promotion or marketing?

Of course, always choose a product that is in demand. Besides, the demand for various online courses is also high these days. To its, try marketing products that can be easily sold and have good commissions.

Some of the profitable affiliate products are given below –

Mobile or smartphone

Domain and Hosting

Books (books).

WordPress theme (WordPress theme).




How to withdraw money earned?

You can easily withdraw the commission income earned through the affiliate program through your bank account.


Q. What does affiliate marketing mean to those who do it?

People who do affiliate marketing are basically called affiliate marketers.

Q. How to start affiliate marketing?

In the beginning you need to create your own following base or subscriber base online. In this case, it is better to use an Instagram page or a blog site or YouTube channel. After getting at least 10 thousand followers, you can join the affiliate programs of different companies and share their products on your page or channel.

Q. How to start Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

To start Amazon Affiliate Marketing you need to register yourself as an affiliate by going to affiliate-program.amazon.com. Now, copy the affiliate link of any product of your choice from your Amazon dashboard and publish and promote it on your online website or page.

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Our Last Words

Affiliate marketing is a very profitable way to earn money online from home these days. Thousands of people around the world are making millions every month using this strategy.

But yes, you need to spend time in the beginning and know the details about the subject. How to select the affiliate products and in what ways it is possible to get sales/leads easily by promotion, these should be understood well.

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You can go to YouTube and get affiliate marketing knowledge completely free.

So friends, what is affiliate marketing? How to start? How much money can you earn? If you have any other query related to the article topic then you can certainly let us know by commenting below.

If you like our affiliate marketing tutorial today, then definitely share the article with your friends.

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