What is Freelancing How to be Successful for Beginners

Friends, what is freelancing in today's article? I will discuss in detail about its work and how to succeed in freelancing. From today's article, those of you who are new or have the same idea about it, will get a clear idea that what is actually freelancing? I will discuss how it works or how a person can start from scratch and become successful. So let's first know the literal or statutory meaning or definition of freelancing.

What is Freelancing How to be Successful for Beginners

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing literally means free or independent or free profession. Doing any work freely is freelancing. This freelancing is also called outsourcing by some. Now let's not know what freelancing is in terms of definition. Freelancing is information technology based work done at home or anywhere freely or independently online. In one word, freelancing or outsourcing is the name of doing any work independently or freely with a computer online. It is known that about 6 lakh men and women are working in this profession in US.

What are the Tasks of Freelancing?

There are many types of freelancing jobs. For example: data entry, graphic design, web design, digital marketing, video editing etc. You can start working in this sector by learning any job well. Remember that you don't have to be a master or an expert, but if you know good things, you can get good results or be a successful ambassador. In this case, it is much better if you can master the job according to the job demand.

What is Required for Freelancing Work?

Here's a brief summary of the things you'll need right now to start freelancing. First of all you need to have a good quality laptop or desktop. Not only laptop or desktop but also a smart phone. You can work only with a laptop or desktop, but if you have a smart phone, you can stay connected to the Internet 24 hours a day and get updates on buyers or other work quickly as well as communicate with buyers instantly. Since smart phones can be left on all the time, this is especially important. Because it is not possible to keep the computer or laptop open all the time. Current can go. Troubles can arise, so it's better to have a smart phone.

Now let's come to the other things that will be required, one of them is the Internet connection, whether it is a broadband network or a mobile phone network. However, it should be taken care that the speed of the net is always good. Because if the network is weak, there is no peace of work.

What else can be needed! You will need one more thing, that is a dual currency master card or visa card, currently many banks in Bangladesh provide it, such as: EBL, Islami Bank, Dutch-Bangla Bank etc. However, while taking the card, you should know and understand that you can withdraw dollars by paying Bangla Taka on that card. Because to do freelancing you need to buy membership with dollars in different marketplaces. You cannot apply for more jobs without membership. And to be successful, membership must be taken. For that you must take a master card.

You don't want to take master card empty. You must have a valid passport to take it. In that case take a passport.

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Which Jobs are More in Demand in Freelancing?

There is no correct answer to this question. Someone is earning thousands of dollars just by entering data. Also, no one knows web design and can't pay internet and current expenses while sitting unemployed. In short, all jobs are in demand. You have to take care, how you can do the work you want to do, if you are a buyer, for what you will take the service of that work. Of course you can't do it well so get it from someone who can. The point is, learn a job that you enjoy doing, but you will be better off learning a job that has less competition. You do a bit of digging first, and you'll find the job you're looking for. As I said earlier, all jobs are in demand.

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Where to Learn Freelancing? How to Learn?

Learning freelancing is no big deal. You have to work with two things in mind. 1. Learn a job and 2. That work is sold in the market. You don't have to spend much to learn these two things. You can learn from Google. Or you can learn by buying a video tutorial from a company. That would be great. Now in Facebook groups you will see that various courses are sold at very low prices. For example: courses are available for 100 taka, 150 taka and even 30 taka. If you buy the course for 20 thousand taka, you will get same result if you buy that course for 30 taka. Maybe a little old video. But all are one. Only a little nineteen twenty. But you have to watch the videos carefully. And practice accordingly.

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Freelancing can be Done with Mobile?

Actually mobile only works as a helper, actually freelancing with mobile is not possible. As mentioned earlier, if you want to do freelancing, you must have a laptop computer and a smart phone or mobile. But it will be difficult to do this work only with mobile. But many people will work with mobile, know that you can do small freelance work with mobile but you can't do heavy or professional work.

Why Freelancing? Is Freelancing Better Than Private Jobs? No Business!

There are different opinions about this. I will present my opinion and reasoning here, I hope you like it. If you look at a profile of a successful freelancer or a calculation of his income, you will be shocked. Which is not possible even with a government job, let alone a private job. If you can improve your position in this sector, then you don't have to think that you have to earn and eat for the rest of your life. If you earn only a few years, you will be in a position to bring income from abroad. But no one can tell where your destiny, karma will take you. As far as I know most people succeed here. But if you invest from the beginning and get the right guidelines, you can be successful quickly.

Freelancing is an independent profession where you are the boss and you are everything. No one will come to order you. Don't apologize. All royalties are yours alone. And jobs have reputation, accountability, salary limitations, but freelancing doesn't. If you have time you can try this line. But remember, if you are a student, have the ability to get a good job by studying well, then try to do that first. Because time is gone, you can't get it back. And you can do freelancing whenever you want. There is no obligation. There are no restrictions.

How to open a Freelancing Account?

Opening a freelancing account is very easy. Also no documents are required. You go to the freelancing marketplaces and just click on the sign-up or registration button and complete certain steps with the required information and your account will be created. For this, you can go to YouTube and watch the related videos, then it will be easy to make an account.

You may be wondering what is a marketplace or what are the best marketplaces why not share them. There are many marketplaces here I am giving the link of 3 most reliable and good marketplaces. And now I am saying that the marketplace is where you will get the job.

1. Upwork                                         2. Freelancer.com                            3. fiber

You can safely create an account on all these marketplaces and work smoothly, but they have some privacy policies, so make sure you understand them well.

What is Freelancing and Outsourcing?

Already said about freelancers. However, we are having a discussion again to clarify this issue. In fact, freelancing and outsourcing are the same thing. There is no stone in it. Freelancing or outsourcing is the IT service that you provide from home online independently or as a freelancer.

Finally, wishing you success, I have finished writing this post about freelancing today. If you have any questions, you can tell me in the comments or on my Facebook page.

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