How to Make YouTube Video Text for Free


Video to Text Millions of people watch videos on YouTube every day. We use YouTube to watch trailers, dramas, movies or series. However, statistics show that of the number of visitors who watch videos on YouTube every day, half of those visitors browse YouTube only to watch various techniques and tricks. 

That is, to know how to do, how to make, how to solve, etc. All these tricks are more effective and easy to understand if they are available in written form in addition to watching videos. 

Web developers are constantly adding features to YouTube browsing, such as watching YouTube videos without ads. Another new advantage is that now you can watch YouTube videos as well as read video to text (YouTube video to text).

How to Make YouTube Video Text for Free
How to Make YouTube Video Text for Free

The interesting thing is that you can read the language of the video by directly translating it to English. Let's know how to read YouTube videos.

How to Read YouTube Videos by Text

Captioning YouTube videos is so easy, anyone can do it. Browse from your computer or phone. Then copy and paste the link of your YouTube video and the video will come in text format.

How to Do Video to Text on iPhone

iPhone users can Shortcut. This link will open you to a new page. If there is an error after Get Shortcut, fix the phone settings. Go to Settings -> Shortcuts and switch on “Allow Untrusted Shortcuts” and try again. Then add the shortcut.

The YouTube Apps or Browser Share button and select the More option. Next, select Read on Videoticle.

Last words

The service is brand new, so some videos may not work. However, there will be no problem in reading English language YouTube videos in text format (video to text). Errors may sometimes occur while reading videos in other languages.

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Statistics say, after reading about a subject, if it is seen practically, it is 60% more effective. So from now on if you want to learn something on YouTube first read the video as text and then watch the video. Moreover, to reduce data consumption, YouTube videos can be read without watching.

Ho We can Create a Beautiful Audio and Video Text, Now Know!

How to create text from audio and video in any language, no apps or software required.

Now welcome to everyone from, hope everyone is well.

We have so far been able to create text from images, text through various mobile apps, English to Bengali text.

After on Here on "Get Started Free" to create text from audio and video for free.

✳️If you Get Started Free, another page will open.

You must use a valid email ID to use this account.

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You can first see Sign up with google if an account is already created for you, then Sign up with google, and create a new account.

✳️Already you can see that an account has been created, as well as there are two categories.

Transcription Subtitles

You will now do that. on Subtitles, another new page will open, when it opens, Upload a file or Paste a Link will be available. Now if you want to text from the audio and video, then the upload file or to text from any YouTube video, paste the YouTube video link directly and it will become text.

Select the audio or video files

Select the language spoken

1️⃣First: Select audio or video files Drop your files here, browse files or Import from Browse files in this line, then select your audio or video.

2️⃣Secondly: Select the language from Select the language spoken option, if you want to make text from English video then select English and if you want to make text from Bengali video then select Bengali language.

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✳️ On submit Below

The processing may take some time then, once the processing is done, you can create the text from the audio or video in any language.

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