Best Video Calling App for Android

Talking face to face by live video chatting using video calling software/apps for mobile is not new anymore. Because using live video call apps, you can connect with your loved ones through video from anywhere.

Best Video Calling App for Android
Best Video Calling App for Android

Besides, there are many such online video call software, which can be used to make new friends and start live video chatting with them.

Nowadays, you will find many softwares for making free video calls with mobile phones. Go to Google Play Store and search by writing “free video calling apps” and you will be shown various video calling apps.

This video call software for mobile works on app to app video calling system.

I mean, suppose you want to video call your friend absolutely free. In this case, both of you need to use the same video calling software/app to talk on the video call.

However, if you want to make new friends or talk to strangers through live video calls, you can do that too. Because, below I will also tell you about some apps that you can use to make new friends around the world and video chat with them.

10 Video Calling Software. Live Video Call Apps

Most of the social media platforms / apps give us the facility to send and receive text messages, voice calls and video calls with any user around the world. We can also talk to each other in a very convenient way using these types of platforms.

But when it comes to video chatting, everyone wants to know which is the best video calling software. And so, through today's article, you will know about some of the best video calling apps that you can't use.

1. MIGO Live

You will find different video chat rooms through which you can talk to different people from all over the world through live video chatting. Like Bigo Live, Koo, StreamKar and Chamet, you can watch live streams and live broadcasts.

The main attractions of this Migo live video chat app are,

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Free online live chat.

Your talent through live video or watch videos shared by others.
You will find free live chat rooms.
Group voice chat can be done.
Make new friends and talk through voice and video calls.

2. Tango-Live Stream & Video Chat

Tango is a live-streaming community platform where you can make new friends. Besides making real friends you can connect with them through video chat. You can start and share your live stream videos.

Apart from this, you can also spend time watching videos shared by other creators. It is a great app to make new friends around the world. Also you can share your talent through live stream.

While this app may not be called a direct video calling software, the option to video call/chat with new friends is one of its other important features.

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Some Features of Tango App

Share photos and videos as you like.
Make new friends from around the world on Tango.
Talk to friends on Tango directly via video call.
You can do online live streaming.

3. JusTalk – Video Chat & Calls

Now if you are looking for a good and high quality video call software for your mobile, then you can definitely try JusTalk App. It is completely free and simple, reliable and secure.

You can make HD-quality voice and video calls using this application. Besides, there is option to record voice calls and video calls as well. If you want to have a group video chat then that can be done too.

One of its special features is that you can play games from within a live video call.

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Some Features of JusTalk App:

Make HD-quality voice or video calls.
Voice or video calls can be recorded.
Pictures, voice, video, location, stickers etc. can be sent and received.
Group video calls can be made simultaneously with up to 50 people.

4. Snapchat

Snapchat messaging app for android
Snapchat is a popular messaging app that allows you to send and receive photos and videos as well as make new friends. This app has a special feature. Messages, videos or images sent here disappear after a while.

You can communicate with your friends through live messages and video chat. A maximum of 16 friends can be called simultaneously.

Besides, you can use different lenses and filters during video chatting. It is also not a software for direct video calling with mobile though there is an option to talk with friends through video calling.

Some of the best features of Snapchat:

Different types of Lenses, Filters, Bitmoji can be used.
Get high quality free video calling option.
Supports group video calls.
Along with video calling, text chatting is also available.

5. Signal Private Messenger

You can use this software to make video calls from anywhere in the world for free. It is a direct messenger app where HD voice/video calls can be made.

Data sent and received by Signal is kept secure and private by end-to-end encryption. With Signal App you can avail free voice calls along with free video calling. Of course, group video calling has its benefits.

6. Skype

Skype is one of the best software for live video calling. You can use both its mobile or desktop app to make online video calls. In case of live group video calling you can connect with a maximum of 1 to 49 people.

Video calls can be made with HD quality and calls can be made using any device, tablets, PC or Mac. Along with video calling, you will also get the facility of audio calling and text messaging. Skype for mobile is the best live video calling app for me.

7. Viber – Chats And Calls

The best features like group chats and auto-disappearing sent messages. You can make free voice calling along with video using this video calling software.

You can enjoy free Viber-to-Viber calls. Now connect with friends, family and colleagues anytime from anywhere with high quality audio and video.

As for the app, all your private calls, chats and group chats are kept completely private with end-to-end encryption.

8. Instagram

Instagram is a very popular and popular social media platform where you can share photos, videos, reels, stories etc. with your friends and followers. The app is very famous and almost everyone is using the app nowadays.

With this, high quality video and audio calls can be made easily. Besides, you will also get great options like sending direct messages to your friends and sharing posts privately. You can also use various filters and effects during video calling.

As for me, Instagram is a great online video calling software.

9. Facebook Messenger

Let's see if we don't include the name of Facebook Messenger among the best mobile video calling apps.

We all know how useful Facebook Messenger App is to talk to our Facebook friends through direct video calls and voice calls. You can directly talk to groups with one or more users via video calling.

Almost everyone has a Facebook account. So, using Facebook Messenger App to talk through online video calling can prove very convenient for you.

10. Google Meet

Google Meet is a very advanced and modern free video calling software from Google. If you are using an Android mobile then Google Meet may already be installed on your mobile.

Using this app you can enjoy a completely clear video calling experience with high quality audio and video. Besides, you can use different background and effects while making video calls.

In case of group video chat or meeting, video chatting can be done simultaneously with 100 users. Android, iOS, tablet, web or smart devices, Google meet can be used using any type of device.

Other Questions:

Q. Which is the best software for video calling on mobile?

If you are using an Android mobile then there are various free live video call apps that you can use. In this regard, some of the best video calling apps for me are MIGO Live, Instagram, Google meet, Skype, JusTalk and WhatsApp.

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Q. Are video calling software free?

You can use each video calling app mentioned above for free. However, video calling using the apps will require a fast internet connection.

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Q. How to use video call software?

Using these softwares to make free video calls with mobile is very simple. You need to the app of your choice directly from the Google Play Store and create a free account. Now, add friends or family members within the app and live video chat for free using the video call option.

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