E-Passport Check Online BD


How to check e-passport online 2023 easily, the rules for checking e-passport or old passport are the same, so if you have a new e-passport then you must check the passport after submitting it to the passport office. Because sometimes e-passport takes a long time to arrive and sometimes it arrives within 21 days, so I will try to show you the complete procedure of passport checking.

E-Passport Check Online BD
E-Passport Check Online BD

ePassport Check Online. But first of all, it is necessary to have some idea about passport checks, like what is a passport. How to do a passport check in 2023, let's get started. Now all the new passports in Bangladesh are e-passports. So the rules of checking are the same.

What is a passport?

That is because the passport carries the identity of a person. A passport is very important for traveling to any country. And many times we need to check our passports for various purposes. And usually, from the time we get the passport until we get it, we are very excited when we will get the passport. So how to do passport check in Bangladesh it is very important for us to know how to do passport checks with passport numbers.

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How to check your passport online, and all other statuses such as whether the passport application is done correctly, what is the current status of the passport, is its status, what is the next step, whether your passport is printed, whether the police verification is done, whether the passport is ready for delivery. You can know the information at home. That's why you have to check your passport online with the slip number of your passport online.

How to check a passport with the slip number of a Bangladesh passport?

Step One For Passport Check

To check passport in Bangladesh online you need to open any browser on your mobile or computer. Then type in the search bar, www.epassport.gov.bd/landing This is the Bangladesh E-Passport website, enter this site first. After entering, if you have checked your passport through mobile, On the menu bar, a page like the image below will appear, and the option called Check Status.

The Second Step is to Check the e-Passport

After on the Check Status option, a new page will open in front of you as shown in the picture below, where you can check the e-port or passport with your application ID and date of birth.

After this page is opened, you will see two options here, an Application ID and an Online registration ID. You can check your passport through these two numbers. Now you will need the passport slip number which is given a slip number on the day of submission of all the passports to the passport office. The picture of the slip number is given below.

The third step of Passport Checking

A number is given right above this slip of passport which is the Passport application id number. Put this number in the third step option.

This number should be placed in the place of the application id. Then you give your date of birth which you gave while applying for a passport then verify by on I am human and on the Check bottom then you will see the current status of your passport. You will see the image below.

Pending will not show if everything in your passport is complete. This way you can check your passport. Hope the post is helpful for you. If the post is useful, please share it with your Facebook and friends. Thanks.

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Online registration ID number for passport check After online passport registration, the following number is given and you can check the status of the passport by putting it in the third option.

Rules for Checking Passport Through SMS

Passport check by SMS How to check a passport through SMS, when you applied for a passport you must have given a number to which number later all the passport information related to your passport is informed.

To get a passport check or status through SMS you need to follow below steps:

Go to the message option of your mobile and type MRP and give a Spcae and enter ENORLLMENT_ID and send the message to 6969.

Ex: MRP 360111000XXXXXX to 6969.

Passport Cost 2023

Passport fee or how much money it costs to get a passport or how much money is required for a passport? For this, you need to decide how many years you want to make your passport. If you get a passport for five years, it will cost one and if you get it for ten years, it will cost one. To make a passport for 10 years, the cost of making a passport will be 8,500 Tk if you make it through Travels, and if you fix all the passport documents yourself and pay the prescribed fee through the bank, the cost of making a passport will be 6,600 Taka.

E-Passport Delivery Check: How long does it take to receive a new passport?

E-Passport Delivery Check: Generally when we apply for a new passport we face various difficulties. And that too many times it takes a lot of pain and suffering to get a passport through different brokers. If you want to get a new passport or passport renewal, your passport has to go through many processes after application. Which passport office sometimes takes 7 days, 15 days, or 21 days. After going through many steps during this time, your passport is printed and ready for you. By applying earlier, we could not know the status of our passports in any way. E-passport portal status check will save you a lot from this hassle and suffering. Currently, you can see the status of your passport after applying for a new passport or passport renewal.

What is an e-Passport?

There are many differences between the e-passport and the MRP passport, although the information is the same. The information that used to be contained in two pages in the MRP passport is no longer in the e-passport. The e-passport now includes a card and antenna made of polyamine. This card has a chip inside. And all the information of the passport holder is stored in the passport chip.

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The e-passport database includes three types of photographs of the passport holder, fingerprints, and eye irises. As a result, the authorities will be able to easily know all the passport information of the traveler.

Have you got your e-Passport? How do you know?

To know the current status of your e-passport application, you must first log in to the official website of Bangladesh e-passport. Then enter the website of the passport and see the check application status (check application status).

After going to the next page you have to press the Application ID of the slip you got during the passport application or the ID number you got while registering online. And in the complete post given above, the passport checking rules are well given, you can check your passport or e-passport by yourself by reading it. The rules for passport and passport checking are the same.

What to do if the Passport Delivery Slip is Lost?

Do you remember the slip ID number given to you at the passport office? If you remember your passport slip number then contact your district passport office immediately. They will verify the authenticity of your passport ID number and give you a new document or slip and with this, you will need your passport at the time of delivery.

Now if you don't remember the Passport ID number then contact the passport office with your NID card. (But one day before the delivery date given in the slip number of your passport, you will receive an sms with the ID number on your mobile.)

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E-Passport Delivery Check 2023

E-passport delivery check rules You can check the e-passport according to the same rules as given above.

Passport-related questions and answers

What to do if the police ask for money for police verification while applying for a passport?

If the police ask for money while applying for the passport, if it is too much, brother, give it 500-1000. I am saying that if the police have any problem later, then there is nothing to do, so it is better to give it, and if you can explain and send it off, then you will save money, but my suggestion. If there is a problem, you will give it.

I have MD in my passport name. I heard from many that MD is not acceptable in a passport. Is it true?

If you have MD in the first part of your name in your passport then you can use it no problem my passport also has brother MD. But there will be problems, MD. That is, if there is a dot (.) after MD, you should not give this dot (.) while applying. There is no rule for dot (.) in a passport.

If there is a dot in the name of the passport, is there any problem with the visa or passport?

If you are planning to apply for a new passport, do not do it while applying.

How many types of Passports are there?

What is a passport? A Bangladeshi passport is a document used by all people of Bangladesh while traveling abroad. It is provided by the Government of Bangladesh to all citizens of Bangladesh either by birth or by immigration. All types of passports are issued from your nearest passport office or Bangladeshi embassy abroad. And all the people of Bangladesh are allowed to travel to all countries of the world except Israel with this passport.

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Generally, there are 3 types of passports in Bangladesh.

International Ordinary Passport (Green Malat) is issued to ordinary citizens.

Government Passport (Blue Malat) is issued to government employees.

Diplomatic passports (Red Malat) are issued to diplomats.

Which countries can travel without a visa with a Bangladeshi passport?

Bangladeshis are allowed to enter a total of 50 countries without a visa with a passport of Bangladesh, but even if they are allowed without a visa, currently only 42 countries are allowed to travel only with a passport.

Countries allowed into Asia with passport only





Sri Lanka

East Timor.

Countries allowed into Africa with a passport


Cape Verde

Comoro Islands

Djibouti, Gambia

Guinea Bissau











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Countries allowed into the US with a passport


Countries located between North and South America with special permission-


Countries allowed within the Oceania region by passport only-

Cook Islands







Countries allowed within the Caribbean by passport only:

The Bahamas


British Virgin Islands






Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Vincent



e-passport information

Contact the passport office directly, very easily. Below are the official numbers of some passport offices.

Dhaka Passport Office: 01709-989900

Chittagong Passport Office: 01733-393349

Brahmanbaria Passport Office: Website

Cox's Bazar Passport Office: 01738-258561

Kishoreganj Passport Office: 01711-135069

Jessore Passport Office: 01733393365

Jatrabari Passport: 01733-393327

Sylhet Passport Office: 01733-393361

Moulvibazar Passport Office: 01733-393362

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E-Passport Check online BD

If you have any difficulty in understanding anything in this passport check post, please let us know and we will try our best to resolve the issue. And we always publish articles like how to apply for a passport, how to check, also voter id card, and birth registration card-related information you will find in our blog, search for the required information by going to the search option, hope you get it. .Or you can also share your information with us by joining the Facebook group and posting. Thank you.

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