Facebook Advertising Services and Management


Social media plays a major role in today's modern business. And Facebook is chief among them. Now there is no way to deny that Facebook Advertising Services has become a big part of our lives, it is true that many people are benefiting from it, so those who want to sell through Facebook should work on Facebook like Facebook does. Understand Facebook rules. And "finegraphicdesign" does that work for you. So contact us for any kind of Facebook marketing services including promote, boost.

Facebook Advertising Services

Facebook Advertising Services and Management
Facebook Advertising Services and Management

According to the statistics of March 2020, the number of Facebook users in Bangladesh is about 37,912,000 and this number is constantly increasing rapidly. Currently the total number of daily active Facebook users has crossed 728 million and 1.9 billion monthly active users. And this huge popularity of Facebook has opened up a revolutionary possibility for any business advertisement. Promoting international or local businesses through Facebook advertising has become a trend and nowadays there is no business that can think of their business success without promoting and advertising on Facebook.

Facebook Ad Pricing Concept

First let's come to the service charges, as our charges may seem higher to you than many other companies or agencies for good reason. We usually charge Rs.150 per dollar (Jan-2023). But depending on your page quality, business type, budget, quality of your posts, and your understanding, it may be a little less.

What is the Minimum Cost to Add?

You need to spend a minimum of 35 USD to avail add or boosting service from us. That is, the calculation will be 35 x 150 = 5,250/- Taka (in Bangladeshi Taka).

Why are our Charges Higher?

We only do Facebook campaigns using international credit cards. In that case, the cost for everyone is around 105 rupees per dollar. It will read the same if you do it yourself. Check the calculation - the dollar rate is normally 104 to 105 taka (September-2022), along with 15% VAT which there is no way to avoid. Due to which the account of around Rs.120/-.

As we are doing advertising for commercial purposes, it is natural that there will be a charge for running our campaign and for profit.

How to Get a Response? How Many likes Will you Get?

We are very sorry that we cannot make any guarantees in this regard. This is only possible if the marketer's main target objective is just a number. We set the target audience for you and prepare ads considering your page status, your product, its price. In this case, we have to rely on Facebook's machine learning system and their algorithm, which can change thousands of times every day for various reasons. So we can't guarantee that, but we work with our utmost sincerity, so that you get good feedback. Because we want you to take our service again because of our good service.

Page Promote or Boost Sales?

Digital Marketing and Sales. These two complement each other. But there is a big difference between them. With Facebook promotion you are just marketing. But sales depends on a lot more than just marketing. For example, how attractive your product is, how much it costs, what price it sells for on other pages, the quality of your page, your own face value, people's trust in you or your business, other posts on your page, your customer dealing skills (ie your sales Skill), etc. depends on many things. You can take free consultation from us in this regard.

Hope you Understand Everything

First, pay attention to the presentation of your page. Your page logo, cover, page about, description, communication media etc. are correct or not. Whenever you decide to spend money on marketing on Facebook, it is very important that your mentions are professional. Our Pre-Boosting Ad Materials package covers these basics. Where as a new entrepreneur you can create a professional logo, cover photo and description at very low cost.

Why is it Important to have a Professional Quality Logo or Cover?

It is the first impression of the page to your potential customers. The audience will judge the quality of your product, how your service can be, and how professional you are. Moreover, this cost is one-time. You have to do it once. Which will indirectly support your promotion or boost every time.

Tell your past Marketing Experience

If you agree with all the things mentioned above, then hopefully you will promote Facebook page or post boost with us. In that case, please let us know the following:

Was your Last ad Reach up to Expectations or Down?

Did you run any ads using Coupons/PayPal in the last 6 months?

In the last 6 months, have you done any ad run with any agency at a cost of Rs 110/- or less per dollar?

 Based on past add cost and sales ratio are you profitable yes/no.

Boost YouTube subscribers - Views and Subscribers

Now let's Start!

First you need to prepare a post with nice pictures. Image size should be minimum 1080 x 1080 or 1200 x 628 resolution. It is better if the picture is real, if you want to give the picture of the catalog, get a soft copy. Don't take pictures from Google or other pages. A title within 25 characters, a caption within 90 characters should be given for the post. Captions can be up to a maximum of 250 characters. And if you do not want to face any kind of trouble, then you can choose any one according to your needs from our Pre-Boosting Ad Materials package.

Steps taken by finegraphicdesign to Ensure ADS Success.

Easily Reach Potential Customers

Compared to other advertising media, Facebook's advertising system offers the opportunity to build a list of targeted users, which helps to gather more information about a potential customer and to have more control over their activity.

Finegraphicdesign, provides an in-depth review of your product/service potential customers' movements and their needs. And from there design the ad on how to generate sales.

What does finegraphicdesign do to Accurately Estimate ad Spend?

Finegraphicdesign builds a list based on the demographic comfort of your potential customers to ensure you get the most bang for your ad spend. And implement a smart marketing strategy to reduce your expenses. Moreover, it tracks and analyzes all new and old data related to sales from your ads.

How does Finegraphicdesign Ensure the Success of your Business through Facebook Advertising?

Nowadays almost everyone uses social media to promote and promote their business. But most of them fail to attract the attention of their customers about their brand. There are generally two types of ads on Facebook, one is traditional ads and the other is sponsored stories.

Finegraphicdesign selects the right campaign for you by reviewing the behavior of your potential customers and running the ad.

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Why should you Accept Services from Finegraphicdesign?

Of course you want to ensure that local potential customers for your business are always present on your business website. In this regard, finegraphicdesign monitors your business activity, utilizes social media trends and search engines to launch Ad Campaigns accordingly to ensure maximum sales of your products/services. finegraphicdesign keeps all types of digital marketing services at the customer's fingertips keeping in mind the limitations of the digital experience of their clients. We are the only ones capable of ensuring maximum digital exposure to your product/service/business at a relatively minimum budget. So if you want to keep your products/services in line with this competitive digital trend, taking Digital Marketing & Advertising Service from finegraphicdesign will be a breakthrough decision for your business.

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