How To Make Money On Facebook With Affiliate Marketing

Do you also want to earn money from Facebook? Looking for ways to earn from Facebook? In fact, we have many great ways to earn money online from home. Among them, earning from blog and earning online from YouTube are the most profitable as I said earlier. But, you will be happy to know that now you can earn online even by opening a Facebook account. Means, earning from Facebook is also possible now.

How To Make Money On Facebook With Affiliate Marketing
How To Make Money On Facebook With Affiliate Marketing

So how to earn money on Facebook? What are the rules and ways to earn money? I am going to tell you about this through today's article. This social media site has about 2.96 billion monthly active users. And this number continues to grow.

On Facebook we waste our time by creating an account and chatting day after day and checking the status of others. But, if you want, you can take advantage of this world's most famous social media website as a great way to make money.

But, to be honest, the rules of earning from Facebook are not so simple or easy. So, you need to put in a lot of hard work and time in the beginning to earn from Facebook.

But don't worry, using these ways to earn money from Facebook mentioned below, many people today have found a great opportunity to make regular income from the Internet.

What will be required to earn on Facebook?

To earn money through Facebook we need to keep an eye on some important things. Meaning, there are some general requirements that you will need to earn money from Facebook. Don't worry, these are very common requirements that you can get very easily.

But remember, the requirements that I am going to talk about below are essential for earning from Facebook.

First of all you need to have a personal Facebook account.
You need to have a smartphone or computer or laptop to run Facebook.
You need targeted audience (followers) to earn fast from your Facebook account.

You have to be a bit creative and keep an eye on how others are doing.
If everything mentioned above is available to you, then you too are now all set to earn real money from Facebook.

How to earn money on Facebook? 

As I said earlier, opening a Facebook account and earning money is not a simple task. But, there are some proven ways on the internet, using which you can earn up to 500 rupees per day from Facebook. And many do.

Collected from various sources on the internet, I am going to tell you about some of the best and most common ways to earn from Facebook. You can use these ways to make Facebook a great source of online income.

Earn from Facebook Marketplace

Maybe many of you know about Facebook market place? So?

With this service of Facebook, you can list any product, service or offer here and show it to people. This is like an online shopping website, where any person with a Facebook account can display their products or services online, sell, and save money.

Simply put, if you want to sell your product or service, you can advertise that product or service to thousands of people from the comfort of your own home through the “Facebook Marketplace”.

Now if a person wants to your displayed product, then he can contact you directly through Facebook. In this, you will continue to get customers for your products through Facebook at home and you will continue to have regular income.

How to make money by market place?

First of all, you need to a good and in-demand product from a wholesaler or a shop that offers it at a low price. For example, beautiful earrings, stylish sarees, boys clothes or any product that is in high demand in the market.

Then you have to go to “Facebook market place” from your own Facebook account and give everything including product picture, details, your mobile number and price. You can display or advertise your product for free.

Now, you can show your ad in any city, country or local area through your Facebook group, profile and “promote ad” option.

If someone likes your ad or product, then he can call you on your direct mobile number and talk about the product or the product.

Believe me, many people are earning money by running their own online business from home through Facebook Marketplace Ads. So you can also earn from Facebook in this way if you want.

Remember, the mantra of online business is demand and low prices.

If you sell a product that is in demand at a low price from the local market, then there is a possibility of getting many customers from Facebook by advertising that product.

Getting customers especially from your local area is very easy. Because, on your Facebook profile, people from your city or neighborhood are associated with you as friends.

So, you can make those friends and a half as your customers. And so, you will not have any difficulty in delivering the product or goods.

Earn Money by Uploading Videos

Now, I don't know if you've heard about Facebook's new “video monetization” or not.

But, Facebook video monetization or In-stream ads is a new process or service from Facebook by which you can earn unlimited income by uploading videos on Facebook fan pages. Let's go into detail about this.

What is in-stream ads or video monetization?

In fact, in-stream ads are small ads that you can show on your Facebook video and earn money from it. You need to upload videos on your Facebook page and to earn through this you need a Facebook fan page.

Remember, you can't put these ads breaks on the videos you upload to your Facebook profile. Hey, it's all like a YouTube channel.

Just as we upload videos on YouTube and earn money by showing Google AdSense ads, in the same way you can earn money by uploading your own videos on Facebook page, showing ads through in-stream ads.

But, just like we need to follow some rules or requirements before earning from YouTube, similarly you will need some rules or requirements to earn money by uploading videos on Facebook page.

However, this is the most profitable and working way for me to earn from Facebook in 2023.

I have said everything about in-stream ads in a good core here – Earn income by uploading videos to Facebook (ads breaks).

Earn Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a term or topic that every blogger or YouTube channel owner knows about. It is the most profitable and promising way to earn money online. Today many people are earning thousands of rupees from home by affiliate marketing.

In fact, "Affiliate Marketing" is a way or means by which you can receive commission by showing any item or product on your blog, YouTube channel or Facebook fan page or by promoting them from many different "online shopping websites" on the Internet.

Big online shopping sites like, Amazon, Flipkart or snapdeal give us the opportunity to share or promote any of their products with people through affiliate links.

And, when someone makes a purchase from that online website from our shared product link, we don't deduct some commission. The commission earned may be different for different products. And that is affiliate marketing.

Now, if you have a Facebook fan page (Facebook page) and it has a lot of likes (likes) or a Facebook group (Facebook group) then you can share affiliate links of many types of products on that page or group.

And, when someone something from your shared product link, you will earn a commission from the website you shared the affiliate link with.

Affiliate marketing is a good way to earn money from Facebook for you to prove can Fortunately, nowadays you can register yourself as an affiliate marketer on any online shopping site and earn by sharing any of their products.

Some famous affiliate programs are –

Impact Partnership Cloud
Rakuten Marketing
Amazon affiliate program
eBay affiliate program

Direct local Product Advertising

If you have many friends in your Facebook account, have a group or you have a Facebook fan page with thousands of likes, then you can earn by showing local product advertisements.

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You can show any advertisement, advertisement of any new shop, any place, restaurant or any market near you and you can earn by showing it on your Facebook page or profile.

To earn money from Facebook page like this, you first need to find people who want to show ads.

You can go to the shops near you and ask if they want to promote the business by showing some ads on your Facebook page. Remember, thousands of people are active online these days on social media like Facebook.

And so, Facebook is a very profitable medium to advertise or promote anything.

So, if your Facebook page has likes between 10 to 50 thousand then you will easily get many local advertisers who will pay you to display local ads on your Facebook page.

Also, there are many YouTube channel owners and blog owners who can pay you to display their videos or blog ads on your Facebook page.

In this, they will get free social traffic on their blog articles or YouTube videos. But, first you need to find some blog owners who want to social traffic for their blog.

Sell Facebook Page

Many bloggers or YouTube channel owners want to many types of Facebook pages for the promotion of their blog or channel. If your Facebook page has a good number of likes, then you can sell that page at a good price and get less money.

You can see a post in your Facebook group or account about the page you want to sell. Apart from this, there are many groups on Facebook where you can advertise/post your page for sale.

And, if someone wants to your page, they can contact you directly through Facebook.

Earn from Facebook Groups

If you have a Facebook group that has a lot of members or followers, then surely it is possible to earn good amount from that group.

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In order to earn income from Facebook groups, the main thing is how popular your group is. To earn money from Facebook group, first of all you need to create a group from your Facebook account.

This time, you should regularly post interesting content in the group and gather at least 10,000 active members. You should always try to keep the members of your group active in the group. For this, questions, blog posts, images, videos or polls etc. should be used.

Now, once your group becomes popular and there are less than 10 thousand followers, you can earn money using these ways.

Through paid surveys.
Publish sponsored content.
You can sell your product/book/services etc.
Through affiliate marketing.
Sell your group.
By selling traffic to various blogs or YouTube channels from the group.

PPD Program Join

PPD stands for Pay Per, where you get paid for every . To earn money through this, you must first join a good and trusted PPD program.

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Now you will be allowed to some products from PPD programs. Now, you can post these digital products (apps, games) in your Facebook group and them. The more people apps, games, software, etc., the more you can earn.

However, the more members or followers you have in your Facebook group, the more people will be able to them and the more income you can earn.

Earn Daily on Facebook by Freelancing

If you are an experienced person in a particular field of work, you can create great income opportunities by doing that work for others. Now the question is, where to get customers? Who will give you work?

You'll find plenty of freelancing groups related to the type of work you're thinking of doing. You can visit those groups and tell other people about your work skills and experience. Customers can talk to you through comments and direct chat and contract work.

If other people are interested in doing work for you, then you are getting an opportunity to earn money by providing freelancing services to them.

Now if you are thinking that you don't have any special work experience or skills, don't worry.

You can learn anything you like for free on YouTube. Take 2-4 months to learn logo design, video editing, content writing or any other technique well.

After that, when you are fully experienced in your work, you can use Facebook to find freelancing jobs and earn regular income through them.

 Benefits and advantages of freelancing –
You can do your work from anywhere at any time.
With the help of Facebook groups and pages, it is possible to find customers easily.

It is possible to easily talk about work with your customers through Facebook comments and chat.

Earn Money by Managing Facebook Accounts

There are many people who are able to earn money just by managing other people's Facebook profiles or pages. Appani can also.

Big celebrities and various companies are regularly active on social media through their profiles and pages. However, they don't have that much time to manage pages or profiles.

This is why various celebrities employ Facebook managers to keep their social media accounts regularly active, who post, comment etc. on their Facebook and other social media pages on behalf of the celebrities.

So, you too can earn money by managing other people's Facebook as a Facebook Account Manager. In this case, basically you are paid salary against your work.

Benefits of managing Facebook account –
You will get a chance to manage Facebook accounts of big celebrities or people.
You will be paid salary or mine every month against work.
You can continue this work as part-time.
Many times this work is facilitated from home or from anywhere.

Advantages and benefits of making money from Facebook
Let's, now below we know about some advantages and benefits of earning money from Facebook.

If you are thinking of earning money online without investing any money sitting at home, then you can use these ways to earn money through Facebook.

If you are able to earn regular income using the rules of earning from Facebook, then you will not need to work anywhere else.

If you are working somewhere then you are deducted even for a day off. However, in many of these online income ways, even if you don't work for 1 day or 1 month, you can continue to earn regular income for the old work done earlier.

Using these ways to earn from Facebook you can work only 2 to 3 hours a day or completely at your own convenience. However, in this case, the more time you can work, the more the scope and amount of income will increase.

There is no special work pressure on you and you can do the work with a completely free mind without stress. There are no restrictions on earning from Facebook. Meaning, if you are earning 10 thousand rupees from Facebook today, then it may be an opportunity to earn 1 lakh rupees in the coming period.

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A large number of users are regularly active within Facebook. Here you will get plenty of opportunities to earn regularly by working in various ways like selling products, affiliate marketing etc.

Other questions about earning from Facebook:

Q. How to earn $100 from Facebook?

To earn $100-$500 per day from Facebook you need to have your own product. Also, you can easily earn $100 a day through affiliate marketing. But for this you need to know marketing strategies.

Q. How long will it take to earn money from Facebook?

Earning from Facebook may take less time and may take more time. It all depends on how much time you are spending on Facebook and how well you are doing.

Q. How many followers can earn money on Facebook?

Generally, in most cases to make money online with Facebook you need to have at least 10,000 followers.

Q. How much money is paid for how many views on Facebook?

We get the opportunity to earn money for views from Facebook by showing ads on videos. However, the more views your videos get, the more money you can earn. Generally speaking, around 100,000 views can earn $10-$50.

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Q. Does Facebook pay for likes and comments?

As far as I know, Facebook never pays for likes or comments.

Our Last Words,

So, how to earn money on Facebook? What are the rules and ways to earn money? Hope you have understood clearly through our today's article.

Also, if you are directly looking for ways to earn money from Facebook page only, then I have mentioned some ways to earn money that are possible through a Facebook page.

Finally, if you like our today's article on ways to earn money from Facebook, then do not forget to share and comment below.

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